Alabama Bound

South Carolina, USA



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ???, ???  UNKNOWNSouth Carolina, USA I2917
2 ???, Mary F.  1828South Carolina, USA I2488
3 ???, Mary S.  Abt 1800South Carolina, USA I3614
4 ???, Nancy  1807South Carolina, USA I1833
5 ???, Susanah  1835South Carolina, USA I2538
6 Baker, Benjamin Franklin  1832South Carolina, USA I3617
7 Baker, Jackson  1829South Carolina, USA I3615
8 Baker, Joshua H.  1843South Carolina, USA I3566
9 Baker, Peter  1838South Carolina, USA I3619
10 Baker, Peter W.  1800South Carolina, USA I3613
11 Baker, Roda  1830South Carolina, USA I3616
12 Baker, Sarah  1840South Carolina, USA I3620
13 Baker, Tabitha  1834South Carolina, USA I3618
14 Ball, Jesse  1797South Carolina, USA I544
15 Brewer, Mary  1820South Carolina, USA I815
16 Browning, Benjamin  1850South Carolina, USA I3643
17 Browning, Isaac O.  1837South Carolina, USA I3641
18 Browning, James Madison  29 Oct 1824South Carolina, USA I974
19 Browning, L.  1839South Carolina, USA I1240
20 Browning, Sidney  1846South Carolina, USA I3642
21 Cullen, Lucy G.  1821South Carolina, USA I203
22 Eidson, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1795South Carolina, USA I56
23 Fuller, Benjamin Franklin  Abt 1806South Carolina, USA I3330
24 Hagan, Sherod P.  1815South Carolina, USA I814
25 Horton, Elijah  1798South Carolina, USA I22
26 Horton, Elizabeth  1830South Carolina, USA I27
27 Horton, Margaret Caroline  1846South Carolina, USA I25
28 Horton, Miles Judge  1806South Carolina, USA I1832
29 Horton, Minor A.  1827South Carolina, USA I1831
30 Horton, Nancy  1832South Carolina, USA I1834
31 Horton, Sarah Elizabeth  1825South Carolina, USA I152
32 Horton, William Thomas  13 Dec 1849South Carolina, USA I13
33 Howell, John Sanders  9 Dec 1818South Carolina, USA I2504
34 McCollum, William H.  Abt 1818South Carolina, USA I572
35 Norred, Boice E.  6 Mar 1819South Carolina, USA I57
36 Norred, Darlington Madison  Abt 1815South Carolina, USA I2501
37 Norred, Henry  1792South Carolina, USA I2486
38 Norred, Henry  1828South Carolina, USA I2487
39 Norred, John  1832South Carolina, USA I2490
40 Norred, Mary W.  2 Aug 1816South Carolina, USA I2503
41 Norred, Preston  Abt 1790South Carolina, USA I2497
42 Norred, Sarah Amanda  Abt 1822South Carolina, USA I2506
43 Poole, David Vinson  Abt 1798South Carolina, USA I2522
44 Seale, Elijah  23 Sep 1818South Carolina, USA I151