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Was John Parrish the father of Eliza Parrish Smith?

I'm trying to find proof that John Parrish was indeed the father of Eliza H. Parrish. *John Parrish was born in North Carolina in about 1798. *Eliza H. Parrish was born in Georgia in 1822. Eliza married James Smith in Autauga County, Alabama. She died in 1911 and is buried in Chilton County, Alabama. *We find John Parrish in Autauga County in 1850 with his wife Sarah and children, John M. and Jesse B.H. Parrish *John married Sarah Todd in 1823 -- BUT... Eliza Parrish was born in 1822. Of that we're pretty confident. This would mean that John was married to someone else before marrying Sarah Todd who most likely died in childbirth or shortly after. Does anyone have any proof that John N. Parrish is the father of Eliza Parrish or who Eliza's mother might be?
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